In Theaters Now

"The Rivalry: Red V. Blue" is playing in theaters now in Kentucky in January and February 2014. Be sure to catch the first documentary about college basketball's ultimate rivalry on the big screen with as many fellow U of L and UK fans as possible!

In Theaters Now
In Theaters Now

In case you hadn't heard, The Rivalry: Red V. Blue is playing in select theaters now in Kentucky. It will be playing at the Village 8 in Louisville at 7 and 9 pm on January 31st and February 7th. It will also be playing in Georgetown and Ashland, among other cities. For a full list of screenings go to

For the December 27th world premiere at the Lexington Opera House, Lexington mayor Jim Gray was in attendance along with Rob Bromley, Miss Kentucky, Governor John Y. Brown, and Tom Leach, among others. WKYT News covered the event on the local news. Watch here.

For the December 29th premiere at the Muhammad Ali Center, Louisville mayor Greg Fischer attended along with Tony Vanetti, Terry Howard, Al Benniger, Jim Tharp, Ken Kurlas and the barbers (Robert Boone and the Wagners). WHAS and WLKY covered the event on the local news. Watch here.

For the December 30th premiere a the SIPP Theater, Paintsville mayor Bob Porter attended along with UK fan Doug Young and U of L fan Rick Roberts. WYMT covered the event on the local news. Watch here.

The Rivalry: Red V. Blue will be available on DVD in March 2014!

Kevin Ware Cuts Down Nets, ending Louisville's 27 Year Title Drought

When Kevin Ware cut down the nets in Atlanta, ending Louisville's 27 year title drought, it was an emotional conclusion to a tournament and story that captured America's imagination.

Kevin Ware

On the heels of the Kentucky Wildcats 2012 championship run in New Orleans, Rick Pitino and the Louisville Cardinals came out swinging in 2013 and knocked out all competitors.

But it wasn't easy. Or pretty. No one who watched the Sweet Sixteen Easter Sunday game against Duke will ever forget it. When Kevin Ware went down with one of the most gruesome, freakish sports injuries ever captured on camera, something special happened.

A team was galvanized, a leader was born, and one of the dramatic sports stories of the year captured the imagination of millions of people around the world.

Heck, even Matt Jones was rooting for Louisville after Kevin Ware's injury, you can't write that stuff! The Kevin Ware story was once-in-a-lifetime Hollywood magic. Except it actually happened. And I'll never forget it.

The Cardinals clawed their past the Blue Devils, Ducks, Shockers, and finally, the Wolverines. In the process Luke Hancock emerged as an improbable hero, becoming the first reserve player to ever win the Most Outstanding Player award.

Oh yeah, and did I mention that Louisville won the championship in Atlanta, Kevin Ware's home city?!

Adam Lefkoe in Atlanta for Red V. Blue

It was an incredible true story, and Red V. Blue was there to capture it all, just like we were in New Orleans in 2012 to capture John Calapari and UK's championship.

Red V. Blue set out to equally portray both sides of the greatest college basketball rivalry in the world, and the Cardinals and Wildcats delivered! With back-to-back championships claimed for the Commonwealth of Kentucky, it has been a dream for Kentuckians, as well as for us as documentary filmmakers — you can't get more equal than back-to-back bling!

Get ready for a big announcement coming soon! Have you watched our trailer yet?