Final Four Red V Blue Shoot

Our dream final four match-up between the Louisville Cardinals and Kentucky Wildcats did not disappoint. And neither did the Red V Blue documentary shoot. We talked with a ton of Louisville and Kentucky fans and even a couple former players. Derwin Webb spoke to us outside of the Super Dome in New Orleans, and Matt Simms bumped into associate producer Aaron Mikel while he was filming in Louisville. In New Orleans we filmed interviews on both Friday and Saturday on Canal Street and throughout the French Quarter. 1 a.m. Friday night we hit Bourbon Street in the pouring rain to talk with some of the Final Four's most devoted fans and party animals. The next day we hung outside the Super Dome on Loyola Avenue and spoke with fans en route to the historic final four match-up. And along with fan interviews we also documented some of New Orleans' best street performers. In Shelbyville, KY, Aaron Mikel visited the Main Street Barbershop before heading to Louisville and filming around the city. Below are some production still photographs that producer P.G. Banker snapped on the big day in New Orleans. Thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to the University of Kentucky for polishing off the Kansas Jayhawks and winning the national championship!

Dream Final Four Showdown in New Orleans

Our prayers and dreams have been answered. The Kentucky Wildcats will be facing off with their arch-rivals the Louisville Cardinals for a place in the NCAA championship game in what I believe will be their first ever Final Four skirmish. So far we interviewed fans at the December 2011 rivalry game outside of Rupp Arena as well as fans outside of Louisville's home opener. And we will be in New Orleans to document this historic occasion for all those Card-n-Cat fans who will be unable to make the journey. Producer Wade Smith and director Rory Owen Delaney will be interviewing red and blue fans outside of the Super Dome, in the French Quarter and all around the city to get their reflections on the event (both pre and post game) so keep an eye out for our film crew -- we would love to talk with you! What's funny is that this comes on the heels of my maiden trip to New Orleans at the beginning of March for the Tulane Environmental Law Summit where my documentary Toxic Soup was invited to screen. But I'm glad to be returning; New Orleans is one of America's most unique cities, making it the perfect host for one of America's most unique college sports rivalries. Plus the final four showdown also gives me -- and other Cardinals fans -- the chance at an early revenge. Instead of having to wait for next year's rivalry game on December 31st Louisville supporters will get the opportunity to beat Big Blue when it really counts and earn a trip to the national championship is on the line.

But we won't just be filming in New Orleans. We will have camera crews in three different cities for the dream final four match-up. We have also added one unit in Louisville (Team Aaron Mikel) and one in Paintsville (Team Ronnie Dee Blair). These two additional Kentucky based units will allow us to capture all the local rivalry excitement in addition to the Big Easy fireworks. So now you need to keep an eye out for us in Kentucky too! And if you spot us please come say hi and tell us what the rivalry means to you and your family because that's what Red Versus Blue is all about. To contact us directly please email, or