Final Four Red V Blue Shoot

Our dream final four match-up between the Louisville Cardinals and Kentucky Wildcats did not disappoint. And neither did the Red V Blue documentary shoot. We talked with a ton of Louisville and Kentucky fans and even a couple former players. Derwin Webb spoke to us outside of the Super Dome in New Orleans, and Matt Simms bumped into associate producer Aaron Mikel while he was filming in Louisville. In New Orleans we filmed interviews on both Friday and Saturday on Canal Street and throughout the French Quarter. 1 a.m. Friday night we hit Bourbon Street in the pouring rain to talk with some of the Final Four's most devoted fans and party animals. The next day we hung outside the Super Dome on Loyola Avenue and spoke with fans en route to the historic final four match-up. And along with fan interviews we also documented some of New Orleans' best street performers. In Shelbyville, KY, Aaron Mikel visited the Main Street Barbershop before heading to Louisville and filming around the city. Below are some production still photographs that producer P.G. Banker snapped on the big day in New Orleans. Thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to the University of Kentucky for polishing off the Kansas Jayhawks and winning the national championship!

Kentucky Tornado Victims

Just wanted to express our condolences here at Man Bites Dog Films to all the recent tornado victims especially those in Eastern Kentucky. As you may or may not know, MBD Film's own Wade Smith maintains an office in Paintsville, KY and has family in the area. Fortunately, Wade and his family are fine.However, many were not so lucky. The town of West Liberty, KY was virtually destroyed. I personally spent time in West Liberty when shooting our documentary Toxic Soup. We are sorry for your losses and hope that you and your families are safe.