Bomb It 2 Due Out in Spring 2013

I'm excited to let everyone know that "Bomb It 2," the sequel to the seminal global graffiti documentary "Bomb It," will be released in the Spring of 2013. A new website is under construction and a graffiti filmmaking contest will soon be announced. More details to follow. [youtube id="UQIq0rtux6o" width="560" height="340"]

"To Live and Paint in LA" Update

"To Live and Paint in LA" aka the Graff Lab documentary is moving into its 2nd year of production. We have been documenting the public art space since July 4th, 2010 and continue to film the changing art and artists of the Graff Lab. Another goal of the film is to reflect the larger socioeconomic changes in the Pico Union district of Los Angeles, particularly with the development of an NFL stadium in downtown, joining forces with Stapes Center, Nokia Center and the Ritz Carlton. Right now my best guess for a release date for the Graff Lab documentary will be sometime in 2013. We have over 4 terabytes of footage so far so the editing process will be grueling. However, the final product will definitely be worth it. We are also planning on releasing a coffee table book of Graff Lab photographs in conjunction with a DVD with a portion of the proceeds to benefit the Graff Lab. Be sure to "like" Graff Lab on facebook. Cheers to Suzanne Wu for putting this video interview together on the Graff Lab documentary.