Mountain Man @ 2011 Santa Cruz Film Festival

Our 10 minute short documentary "Mountain Man" about MTR activist Larry Gibson was named an official selection of the 2011 Santa Cruz Film Festival where it will make its world premiere. "Mountain Man" was filmed in conjunction with "Toxic Soup" in 2008. Upon completing "Toxic Soup," we still had a few stories that gone untold in the feature doc. Larry Gibson's story was chief among them.

He's been cussed out and shot at, but MTR activist Larry Gibson refuses to abandon his home atop Kayford Mountain to a massive Mountain Top Removal mine that surrounds him on three sides. "Mountain Man" features interviews with Larry Gibson, Chuck Nelson, Rory McIlmoil from Coal River Mountain Watch and Randy Huffman, Cabinet Secretary of the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, among others.

"Mountain Man" is scheduled for Saturday, May 7th at the Santa Cruz Film Festival. Time is still TBD. Until then check out the trailer...


[vimeo id="14687490"]

Super 8mm NYC

Finally had a chance to pick up the Super 8mm footage from Paul Becker. Paul got the Super 8 film developed and transferred onto a miniDV tape. Not sure how much he paid exactly, but from what I understand it was reasonable. In any case, I shot this with Sergei Krasikau on a Canon Super 8mm film camera back in January in New York City when I was with Paul Becker shooting Ben Vereen's forthcoming documentary. Serg and I got some great stuff at Coney Island, but it was bitter cold and Sergei locked his keys in the car while it was running so we had to wait for AAA. AAA guy thought this was hilarious as it was the coldest day of the winter. Good times... Warriors, Come out and play! [vimeo id="11671551" width="560" height="340"]