Park City Music and Film Festival

So I just heard from the Leiser brothers that their documentary "Glitch in the Grid" will be screening at the 2011 Park City Music and Film Festival, which I was lucky enough to do the cinematography for. Our short film "Mountain Man" was a success at the 2011 Santa Cruz Film Festival. "Mountain Man" screened before the documentary "Windfall," which screened at the Toronto Film Festival as well as at the IDFA Film Festival. I also caught the new Ken Loche movie "Route Irish," which was intense to say the least. If you have never seen a Ken Loche movie, you are missing out. Loche never pulls a punch.


2011 Santa Cruz Film Festival

He’s been cussed out and shot at, but MTR activist Larry Gibson refuses to abandon his home atop Kayford Mountain to a massive Mountain Top Removal coal mine that surrounds him on three sides.
As reported my short film "Mountain Man" was an official selection of the 2011 Santa Cruz Film Festival and will be screening on Saturday May 7th at 6:30 pm and on Sunday May 8th at 1 pm. Buy your tickets here.

“Mountain Man” features interviews with Larry Gibson, Chuck Nelson, Rory McIlmoil from Coal River Mountain Watch and Randy Huffman, Cabinet Secretary of the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, among others.

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