Toxic Soup Goes to New Orleans

Friday March 2nd Toxic Soup screened as part of the 17th annual Tulane Environmental Law Summit in New Orleans, LA. The screening went well and director Rory Owen Delaney fielded a bunch of great questions from the audience, sold some DVDs and gave away posters. As an added bonus environmental attorney Kevin Thompson, who features in two of the cases presented in Toxic Soup, participated in the Q+A as well. The next day Kevin Thompson participated in a panel on THE MASSEY COAL LITIGATION: COAL SLURRY CONTAMINATION IN RAWL, WV. This is case involving the preacher Larry Brown for those of you have seen Toxic Soup. For those of you who haven't seen the doc yet it is slated to be live on HULU with the next two weeks. Or you can stream it right now through Distrify at DVDs are also available on as well as directly through the website.

You may remember that he Upper Big Branch mine disaster claimed the lives of 29 miners and, in the end, humbled Massey Energy and its controversial CEO Don Blankenship. Daring to confront the company known in the coalfields for its “no-holds-barred” litigation tactics, Kevin Thompson and several other attorneys sued Massey for contaminating the well water of 700+ residents of a rural West Virginia community with billions of gallons of improperly disposed toxic coal slurry. After 7 years of litigation, the case was settled days before trial last summer, but only after a judge was recused and the case assigned by the WV Supreme Court to a Mass Litigation Panel.

Kevin Thompson, Plaintiff’s Attorney in Rawl case; Dr. Stephen King, Toxicologist, Manager of Toxicology, Inc.; Stephen Wussow, Senior Research Analyst, Thompson, Barney Law






2011 Santa Cruz Film Festival

He’s been cussed out and shot at, but MTR activist Larry Gibson refuses to abandon his home atop Kayford Mountain to a massive Mountain Top Removal coal mine that surrounds him on three sides.
As reported my short film "Mountain Man" was an official selection of the 2011 Santa Cruz Film Festival and will be screening on Saturday May 7th at 6:30 pm and on Sunday May 8th at 1 pm. Buy your tickets here.

“Mountain Man” features interviews with Larry Gibson, Chuck Nelson, Rory McIlmoil from Coal River Mountain Watch and Randy Huffman, Cabinet Secretary of the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, among others.

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