Grants, "Toxic Soup" DVDs and More

We are currently applying for multiple grants for our new documentary, "To Live and Graffiti in Los Angeles," which follows Ricky Guerrero of The Graff Lab, Gloria Farias of the PUHC and more. The documentary will also tell the story of the Pico Union neighborhood of Los Angeles. Pico Union is notorious for its gangs as well as for being in the infamous Rampart police district, but it is also home to multimillion dollar developments like the Ritz Carlton, the Staples Center and the Nokia Center. "To Live and Graffiti in Los Angeles" is in the middle of production.

We are also finalizing our DVD release for "Toxic Soup." "Toxic Soup" will be available on, but probably not until January or February 2011. In the mean time we are pressing up an additional round of DVDs to hold us over until everything is finalized with the folks over at CreateSpace. We submitted the artwork as well as the DVD, and after we approve their "proof," we should be good to go.