Graff Lab Movie Photos

Been taking a lot more still photos now that I have a Canon 7d. I took these photographs on Saturday, 3/24/12 at the Graff Lab. I have some more photos that I took on Sunday, 3/25/12 but I haven't had a chance to deal with them yet. I got the completed mural and a bunch more shots of some of the big pieces that I hadn't gotten due to cars being parked in front of them. On Saturday there was a British musician there all day shooting his music video. Not sure who it was. Anyone know who the guy is? He's holding a guitar and wearing a blazer in a few of the photos. Also, the Canon 7d came in really handy when I walked a couple blocks down Venice toward the Staples Center and ended up getting free tacos in exchange for taking a couple pictures. The tacos were the bomb; thank you, Mystery Taco Lady!