My Brother's Story

Over the summer I completed a rewrite on "My Brother's Story," a screenplay that I have been collaborating on with Hollywood choreographer Paul Becker over the years. We started writing the script when we were neighbors in Crown Heights in Brooklyn back in 2007. By chance I met Paul at our local garden, which was run by mutual friend "Puerto Rican Joey," a Vietnam vet and the neighborhood MacGyver. Turned out Paul lived a block from me on Dean Street, and the rest is history. Below is the log line for "My Brother's Story." After their father's arrest, Aaron and Albee Swift duck Child Protective Services and go to live with dance teacher Miles Bryant and his estranged brother Greg above an abandoned theater in Brooklyn. Aaron, a talented dancer, and Albee, a talented grifter, combine their skills to save the theater by resurrecting the careers of the famous Bryant brothers, two retired Broadway showmen. But when a column in the New York Times generates a lot of publicity, Child Protective Services hunt down Aaron and Albee, threatening the future of two families and a historic landmark.