Boston Loud Release

It's 2018, and we are gearing up to release our rock doc "Boston Loud!" The short film documents brothers Bryan and Billy Hinkley as they record their latest hard rock offering at Mad Oak Studios in Allston and promote it by touring New England. 

Look for "Boston Loud" later this year when it will be released in conjunction with the new album "Lead Me Under" from Never Got Caught, the hardest working guys in Boston. 

BostonLoudPoster vimeo.jpg

Ben Vereen Doc

Production of "Last of the Showmen" has resumed in light of the allegations that surfaced in the New York Daily News earlier this month. 

Director Paul Becker will be returning to New York City to sit down with Ben Vereen and discuss what happened in Venice, FL. 

"Last of the Showmen" examines the life and legacy of Ben Vereen while documenting the legendary song and dance man's efforts to return to Broadway one last time. 

The film also explores Becker's friendship with Vereen. After discovering they share the same manager, Paul decides to make a documentary about his mentor. When the two butt heads and Vereen lawyers up, Becker regrets ever undertaking the project.

If it's true you should never meet your heroes than you should definitely reconsider making a documentary about them!