Ruff-n-Rowdy: the Legend of the Sawmill Outlaw

I am back in LA after a 10 day shoot in West Virginia where I was directing a docu-drama on my old friend Chad Meador.

I wrote and edited Chad's first documentary "Method in the Mountains" back in 2007. "Method" followed Meador from The Strasberg Institute in New York City to his hometown -- Beckley, West Virginia -- where he taught acting classes to curious locals.

Problem was not too many folks were curious.

"Ruff-N-Rowdy: the Legend of the Sawmill Outlaw" picks up where "Method" left off. After Chad's acting classes flopped, Meador dropped out of NYU to support his baby, Tatem Belle, by working on his father's sawmill.

Overweight and depressed from his daily rut, Meador enters the Rough-N-Rowdy Brawl in near-by Bluefield, West Virginia to try to shake up his life and make some Christmas money for his baby.