Red V Blue

Director Rory Owen “Go Cards” Delaney and Producer Wade “Go Cats” Smith of Man Bites Dog Films came up with the idea for “Red Versus Blue” after trading profane texts during the annual U of L-UK clash. Delaney, who was raised in Louisville, swallowed the bitter pill of defeat after Big Blue put a 78-63 stomp-down on the Cards in their new stadium. And Smith, who hails from Paintsville, gladly rubbed it in. The humorous documentary will feature interviews with legendary journalists, coaches and players from both college basketball powerhouses trading their best war stories and talking about the importance of the big game to Kentuckians. The documentary will also feature YOU: the diehard fans who keep the flames of devotion and hatred alive year after year.

Although it is an open casting, we are looking especially for “divided” families with loved ones on opposite sides of the rivalry. In short, the idea is to follow around select fans the day of the 2012 UofL-UK game in order to really bring the competition to life by sharing some of the tailgating, trash talk, tears and triumph with audiences worldwide.

Above all, “Red Versus Blue” pledges to be true to its name: paying equal tribute to both the Red and the Blue. So if you bleed red or blue and want to be in the movie, submit your best fan photos, songs, videos and stories to or

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