The Rivalry: Red V. Blue Now On Sale

As of March 18th, DVDs and BluRays are on sale at retailers across Kentucky!

Stop in at any Walmart or Kroger in the Commonwealth and pick up your copy of The Rivlary: Red V. Blue, the first movie to document the Louisville-Kentucky college basketball rivalry!

While we did get a few concerned tweets about stores not having the film displayed on the 18th, the majority of our retail locations were on the ball. For those of you in Louisville who are looking for the DVD, folks were specifically recommending Alumni Hall and The Neutral Zone on twitter.

Below is a list of retailers who received the DVD and should be selling it. All Lids and Hibbett Sports locations in Kentucky should also be carrying the documentary. If you don't see it, remember that some locations are slower to get new merchandise out of storage and into retail displays.

If you prefer to do your shopping online, don't forget that you can buy the DVD and Blu-Ray at Use the coupon code "redvblue" during check-out to get free shipping on all DVD and BluRay orders! We currently accept PayPal, but not credit cards -- sorry, folks.

If you would prefer to pay via credit card, The Rivalry: Red V. Blue is also for sale online at,,,, and

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