Hillbilly Drags

Man Bites Dog Films is currently producing a reality television show "HILLBILLY DRAGS" about the Arm Drop Drag Race, a semi-annual drag race held in Kentucky. The show will profile Mr. Horsepower, Kent Rose, a garage owner turned local celebrity after the overnight success of his Arm Drop Drag Racing event, an event which has drawn hundreds of participants and thousands of spectators in just over a year. "Arm Drop Nation" will document Kent Rose and his partnership with various local businesses as Arm Drop Drag Racing sweeps the nation. [vimeo id="55583808" width="560" height="340"]

One reason for the popularity of Arm Drop Drag racing is its uniqueness. The event permits an often illegal sport to be performed legally and safely in a controlled environment. It is also unique because it represents a return to the basics. Each race is started by the drop of an arm, rather than a traffic signal, and the surface of the race track remains untreated by dressings that boost a racer's traction or torque.

Above all, the event is uncommon because it welcomes all participants. If you've got something on wheels, Kent will create a racing class for you! Currently, there are five racing categories: the grocery getter class, which consists of minivans, station wagons and an assortment of jalopies; the all-wheel-drive class featuring all-wheel-drive vehicles; drag radial cage class featuring drag radial tires with a roll cage; drag radial class with no cage; and finally, street class featuring everything from a 69 Camaro to a McLaren Mercedes.

Most importantly, however, we are excited about "Arm Drop Nation" because of its organizers: Kent Rose, Willard Kinzer, Prestonsburg mayor Jerry Fannin, Dr. Chip Salyer, and ARCA series driver Steve Blackburn, among others. Kent is the local garage owner with an expertise in cars, drag racing, and trash talking. Willard Kinzer is the reserved entrepreneur, who broke the world record for the fastest quarter mile time on a drag radial at the ripe age of 83! Dr. Chip Salyer is a race organizer and a chiropractor who can fix your back in breakneck-speed, and Steve Blackburn is a successful ARCA racer and local ATV business owner with finishes in the top 5 at Daytona and Talladega.

At the center of it all is Kent Rose, the heart of Arm Drop Nation. Racing is his passion, and Kent does whatever it takes to produce a successful event. Just wait and see; Mr. Horsepower and "Arm Drop Nation" are going to take your TV by storm!