Distribution Days

This week I've been reading Jon Reiss' book Think Outside the Box Office, which producer and friend Sergei Krasikau recommended to me. Sergei and I are trying to come up with an innovative marketing and distribution plan for our documentary "Toxic Soup," which was named an official selection of the 2010 Film Festival (April 15-23rd).

From what I've read so far the key to spreading the word out about "Toxic Soup" is simple: Schedule as many screenings as possible. The reviews will follow. Last week we arranged for a sneak preview of "Toxic Soup" at the University of Maryland School of Law, and we have another sneak preview in the works for West Virginia State University. By building up a grassroots network of community support, we hope to bring about pollution and chemical reform.

Also this week I was contacted by Alyssa Martin, an archivist who works for Oscar nominated director Mark Kitchell is working on a new doc "A Fierce Green Fire." Alyssa requested a copy of "Toxic Soup" on Kitchell's behalf and will arrange a sneak preview of "Toxic Soup" in San Francisco. Again this is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more.